How to Add Banner Ads

Selling banner ads to your clients is a great way to give them more value with your website. There are 4 locations within your site that banner ads can be placed:

1. On the "Browse Listings" page - Right Side, underneath the Categories box. (Ads placed here will also appear on a Search Results page, also known as "List View"

2. On the "Coupons & Deals" page - Right Side

3. On the "Events" page - Right Side

4. On every page of the site, along the bottom

From the General Settings screen in your dashboard, you'll see 4 boxes labeled to reflect the locations mentioned above. These boxes are designed to accommodate HTML code that loads or displays banner ads.

Banner ads need to be designed by you or the client, or a graphic designer. The best format for banner ads are .jpg, .gif, and .png image files. You'll also see recommended sizes for the ads, measured in pixels.
General settings bannerads

Generating Code for the Banner Ads

Since our banner ad system requires that you input HTML code to generate & display the banner ads on your site, you can either write your own HTML code to insert there, or you can use a banner ad management system like the one we recommend: If you use a banner ad management system, you'll upload the banner ad images there, setting up "zones" or "targets" for each of the 4 areas on your site.

Then for each zone, you'll generate the code from your banner ad management system, and copy and paste that into the corresponding screen in your General Settings screen. Save your changes and now your ads will appear on your site!

Note: While a banner ad management system like does cost additional, it's very affordable, and gives you some additional functionality, like ad rotation, start & stop dates, and lets you view statistics for how your banner ads are performing.
Adpeeps code