Add & Edit Categories

Our themes come populated with sample categories. You can always edit, delete or add new categories as you wish. You can even add sub-categories to any primary category.  Here's how...

Step 1 - Click on Manage Categories in the Dashboard

Once logged in to your dashboard, you will see an option for Manage Categories on the left tool bar. Click on it.
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Step 2 - Click on "Add Category" to add a new category

You can click on "edit" or "delete" to change an existing category. Or click on "add subcategory" to add a subcategory to an existing primary category.
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Step 3 - Add the New Category Name

If this is a primary category, leave the parent field set to "none". If this a subcategory to an existing category, then simply choose the parent category from the drop down. Click "Create Category" when complete.
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