Connect a Domain Name

Any domain name can be pointed to a Ideal Directories website. You can use a custom domain like "" or "" for your site. This process may vary slightly depending on the domain registrar associated with the domain, and it's best to contact the domain registrar itself for further assistance.

Here's how to do it using as our example
(Note: the instructions are very similar for GoDaddy as well)

Step 1 - Purchase Domain Name

If you haven't done so already, purchase the domain name from a registrar such as, for example. This can be done for about $10/year.

Step 2 - Manage Domains

Log in to your account where you purchased the domain and go to "My Products" then look for the section titled "Domains" and click the "Manage" button next to it.
Manage domains20170606 25526 192tw0q

Step 3 - Manage DNS

From the "My Domains" page, find the domain name you want to manage. Click the gear icon in the top right, and click "Manage DNS".
Domain120170606 25526 qxqf6q

Step 4 - Find www CNAME Record

From the DNS Management page, click the "Edit Record" button (pencil icon) to change your CNAME Record on the line that reads "www" in the "Name" column.
Domain220170606 25526 17ul5wh

Step 5 - Change www CNAME Record

Change the "Points To" value to and click "Save"
Domain320170606 947 1c3n6yc

Step 6 - Add Forwarding

Scroll to the bottom of the DNS Management page, to the "Forwarding" section, and next to "Domain", click "Add"
Add forwarding20170606 25526 a1b6oz

Step 7 - Setup Forwarding

Type the domain you are using, but with "www." in front of the domain. This is a necessary step to ensure the site always loads with the www prefix. For the "Forward Type", choose "Permanent (301)". For the "Settings" choose "Forward Only" and be sure to check the box to "Update Nameservers and DNS settings to support this change". Then click "Save".
Domain420170606 25526 1ap6wk9

Step 8 - Click on General Settings in the Dashboard

Once logged in to your dashboard, you will see an option for General Settings on the left tool bar. Click on it.
General settings20180307 12960 4xwx30

Step 9 - Assign the Domain Name

On the General Settings screen, enter the domain name in the Custom domain field and click the "Save" button on the bottom of the page. Please note: It may take up to 72 hours for the change to fully take place so if the site does not load immediately, please give it some time.
Connect domain20180307 4814 lac81l
The process for updating the CNAME Record and Domain Forwarding varies by registrar. Here are instructions for popular services:
NOTE: You do not need to change your domain's nameservers, only the CNAME Record and Domain Forwarding. You also do not need to purchase any hosting services for the domain.