Accept Payments on Your Directory / Connect Your Stripe Account

You can begin offering self-sign up on your directory once you connect a payment processor. Currently, Ideal Directories only supports payment processor. Here's how to set it up...

Step 1 - Go to "General Settings"

From the Dashboard, click "General Settings"
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Step 2 - Connect Your Directory to Stripe

From the General Settings screen in your dashboard, click the button "Connect with Stripe."
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Step 3 - Create a Stripe Account or Login to Stripe

If you haven't done so already, setup a free account. This company will handle the credit card payments from your customers and deposit the money into your bank account.

If you already have a Stripe account, click "Sign in" on the top right of this screen.
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Step 4 - Authorize Your Stripe Account

Click the button "Authorize access to this account" to finalize the connection between your Stripe account and your Ideal Directories site.

Now you can let your customers sign up and pay for their listings online!
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