How to Add or Edit a Listing User

If a business signs up themselves for a listing, they will automatically be prompted to create an account so they can access their listing themselves. However, if you manually create a listing for them, you will need to set them up as a "Listing User" if you want to allow them to make changes or updates to their business listing profile. Here's how...

Step 1 - Click on "Edit User" from Manage Listings Screen

From the Manage Listings screen of your Dashboard, click on the option to "Edit User" for the business you want to grant access to.
Manage listings edit user

Step 2 - Create their Account

Enter the business owner's email address and create a password for them. (Don't worry - they can always change this password themselves later). Be sure to pass on these login credentials to the business owner.
Add user info

Step 3 - Logging into their Account

As a listing owner, the business can login to their account by clicking on the "Login" link on the top right of your Directory website.
Business owner login