Manage Pages

The manage pages section of the dashboard allows you to rename, reorder, hide, delete and add your own custom pages to your directory website. Here's how

Step 1 - Click on Manage Pages in the Dashboard

Once logged in to your dashboard, you will see an option for Manage Pages on the left tool bar. Click on it.
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Step 2 - Click on "Add Page" to add a new page to your directory website

You can also "Edit" existing pages to change the content that appears on that page. Or even reorder pages using drag and drop. If you "Hide" a page, it will not appear on the navigation bar of your directory.

Please Note:
- You cannot hide or delete the "Home" page.
- The "Home" page must remain in the first position.
- You cannot delete the "Browse Listings" page but you can hide it from the navigation.
- You cannot delete the "Advertise" page but you can hide it from the navigation.

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Step 3 - Name the page and add content

The "Page Name" will determine how the page appears in the navigation. Use the editor to add your content and be sure to click "Save" when complete.
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