Setting Up Advertising Plans & Prices

Each Ideal Directory websites comes complete with an Advertise page where businesses can view plans, the features included in each, and even sign up themselves. You can display a total of 3 different plans at anytime to this page. Here's how to change the default features and pricing for each plan...

Step 1 - Click on Manage Plans in the Dashboard

Once logged in to your dashboard, you will see an option for Manage Plans on the left tool bar. Click on it.
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Step 2 - Click "Edit" for the plan you want to change

Each plan is edited separately and you can only edit one plan at a time. You can also choose to "Hide" a plan. Plans that are hidden will not be visible on your directory website.
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Step 3 - Customize the Plan & Prices

You can now make changes to the plan you are editing. You can change the plan name, the color, the features included, and the prices for monthly or yearly signups. Most directory owners will give a discount on the yearly price as an added incentive for pre-paying for the year. Be sure to click "Save" when you are done.

- Priority Listing - these listings will appear above listings that are not marked as "priority" in search results.
- Homepage Exposure - listings with homepage exposure will be featured on the homepage in the "featured listings" section.
- Free - check this box is you want to offer a free listing option that members do not have to pay for.

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*Optional Step- Hide the Monthly or Yearly Payment Option

If you would like to offer only one payment option, simply uncheck the box in the monthly (or yearly) price field. You can use this feature to force customers to pay for the year in full and not offer a monthly payment option.
Hide monthly