How to View Website Traffic Statistics

In addition to Individual Advertiser Stats, you can view traffic statistics for your entire website anytime by logging into your Dashboard and clicking on "Statistics". Some of the key metrics measured include:

VISITORS - The number of unique visitors that came to your site during the selected time period.
VISITS - Counts the total number of visits from all visitors.
PAGE VIEWS - Counts every time a page on your site is viewed (also know as an impression).
AVERAGE TIME ON SITE - How long each visitor spends browsing your site on average.
PAGES PER VISIT - The average number of pages each visitor explores on your site.

In addition, you can also view stats for:

CATEGORIES - The total number of categories featured on your site.
LISTINGS - The total number of listings on your website.
TOTAL REVENUE - Total amount of revenue you generated through the Stripe integration.